GDHP Whitepapers

03 April, 2019

These reports aim to share country experiences of digital health in key areas of challenge and debate to aid in the presenting of persuasive positions for planning, prioritised investments, strategic approaches, and evaluation of digital health initiatives.

We hope that these reports provide both member and non-member countries with guidance on the key digital health enablers that can lead to improving the health and well-being of citizens at national and sub-national levels through the best use of evidence-based digital technologies.


All GDHP Whitepapers


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Clinical engagement in digital health

Clincal engagement

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Securing digital health

Securing digital health

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Measuring Benefits

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Connected health: Empowering health through interoperability

Connected health: Empowering health through interoperability

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Improving health insights

Improving health insights

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  1. The Clinical and Consumer Engagement Report outlines the global challenge of engaging a broad clinical workforce in digital health and identifies the factors that can deter health professionals from engaging with digital health products, such as the availability of training.

  2. The Evidence Evaluation Report identifies opportunities for countries to assess the effectiveness of digital health products, which can help countries to improve evidence-based investment decisions. This paper provides guidance on how countries can collect and apply data to better support these decisions.

  3. The Interoperability Report outlines the challenges and opportunities associated with creating a ‘connected-up’ digital health system and noted the significant variation in approaches used by countries around the world. The paper presents an initial landscape analysis to promote greater harmonisation of interoperability standards over time.

  4. The Cybersecurity Report focuses on providing, tools, mechanisms, and best practices to effectively reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities. The paper highlights many opportunities to meaningfully increase the maturity in risk-based cyber security management across the international health sector. Effective cyber security encompasses technologies, processes, and people in the broader digital health context.

  5. The Policy Environments Report describes the outcomes from the deliberations and aims to share international perspectives on secondary use of health information. We hope that all countries, both participants and non-participants, will benefit from examining the solutions and lessons that have been shared here.
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