GDHP white papers aim to give countries a direction and a path to move towards strengthening healthcare delivery systems

23 Jul 2020

The GDHP Secretariat is delighted to announce that the second set of GDHP white papers have been published.

The Global Digital Health Partnership (GDHP) facilitates global collaboration and co-operation in the implementation of digital health services. There is currently no similar international forum to share best practice and enable co-working in digital health. Presently 30 Countries and WHO are the members of this partnership. Participating countries are engaging in an international dialogue to learn and share lessons on effective policy design and practical delivery implementation of digital health services.

GDHP white papers aim to share country experiences of digital health in key areas of challenge and debate to aid planning, implementation and the evaluation of digital health initiatives. The first GDHP white papers were published in 2019. Building on those, the second set of white papers are now available on the GDHP website. They cover the following topics:

  • Interoperability: Advancing Interoperability Together Globally
  • Clinical and Consumer Engagement: Citizen Access to Health Data
  • Evidence and Evaluation: Benefits Realisation: Sharing insights
  • Cyber Security: Foundational Capabilities Framework

These reports are an important asset in supporting governments make best use of digital technologies in future planning for pandemic preparedness and empowering achievement of Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Ms. Preeti Sudan, Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and Chair of the GDHP said, “In the time of COVID Pandemic, countries have aggressively adopted digital tools to address health needs. The data driven decisions proved to be the cornerstone in our fight against COVID. The need of the hour is to leverage this momentum and accelerate towards a holistic Global Digital Health Ecosystem.

GDHP white papers aim to enable countries with a definitive direction to advance in strengthening the healthcare delivery system with prominent use of digital technologies. These efforts of GDHP to achieve interoperability of data; robust policy, regulation & decision making, data security and privacy etc. will surely pave the way for a digital healthcare economy in years to come.”

Dr. Don Rucker, National Coordinator - Health IT, USA and Chair, Interoperability work stream said, “Sharing information using health data standards for interoperability is necessary to advance public health reporting and research which are key parts of an evidence-driven response to pandemics. Now, more than ever, increasing collaboration and sharing best practices around the world, not just within countries and territories, is critical to advance interoperability together globally.”

Ms. Shelagh Maloney, Executive Vice President, Canada Health Infoway and Chair, Clinical and Consumer Engagement work stream said, “Over the last decade there has been a universal shift in thinking; one where there was little to no support for providing citizens with access to their information, to present day, where we are accelerating efforts to provide citizens access to information in an equitable and secure manner. As governments around the world grapple with this new reality, and citizens in many jurisdictions are asked to remain home for public health, it has never been more critical for citizens to access their health information remotely: wherever and whenever it’s needed.”

Prof Meredith Makeham, Chief Medical Adviser, Australian Digital Health Agency and Chair, Evidence and Evaluation work stream said, “The importance of evaluating the benefits of investments in digital health – in terms of improved clinical, social and economic outcomes – has never been more important. Nations are focused on realizing the greatest possible benefit to the health and wellbeing of their communities and GDHP is empowering all of us to learn from each other and improve global approaches to making digital services work best.”

Mr. Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and Focal Point, GDHP Secretariat said, “Sharing digital health information is now more important than ever as individual nations and the global community respond to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. These White Papers will provide both participant and non-participant countries and territories with guidance on the key digital health enablers that can lead in improving the health and well-being of citizens at national and sub-national levels through the best use of evidence-based digital technologies.”

GDHP Secretariat congratulated the GDHP participants and Chair/Co-chair of GDHP work streams for this extensive exercise to shape digital healthcare collaboratively.

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